Families & Caregivers

House Call Dentists travel to our patients’ homes and residences to bring them expert, compassionate care. In doing so, we not only bring health to those patients, but also provide invaluable assistance to the family members and caregivers who are responsible for their welfare every single day.

We understand your concerns and your challenges

As a family member and/or caregiver for an elderly person or someone with physical or emotional challenges, your commitment very likely goes beyond “responsibility” to something stronger. The health, comfort and well-being of the person under your care is of critical, paramount concern to you. And that includes dental health. In addition to the clearly important issues of discomfort and pain, the conditions that cause problems like tooth loss and decay may also trigger serious health problems throughout a person’s system. So expert dental care is a must.

Learn more about the importance of dental health to our overall health and well-being

At House Call Dentists, we know how hard it can be to bring someone with physical or cognitive challenges to a dentist’s office. You may have considerable logistical difficulties, of course, and you may face apathy or even resistance from the person you’re caring for. And if follow-up treatment is needed, that means additional trips and additional difficulties. That’s why we bring the treatment to you.

We offer critical assistance to ease your path and provide unsurpassed care for your family member/charge

By bringing our dental services to you, we minimize the physical and emotional discomfort of the person you’re caring for and minimize or eliminate your travel problems and logistical concerns.

Our entire staff has extensive experience working with elderly, infirm and phobic patients, including patients who are wheelchair bound and those with dementia. Our expert and compassionate dentists and dental assistants treat our patients with genuine concern, making sure they are as calm and comfortable as possible. This, of course, is vital to your piece of mind, as well.

Because we are affiliated with a broad network of dental specialists, we can minimize the effort and travel of follow-up care. When a patient needs treatment that can’t be performed in the home, we bring top specialists together in our offices or at your local hospital, making it possible to eliminate multiple appointments and greatly streamline long-term treatment.

If out-of-home follow up care does become necessary, we can coordinate both transportation and companion services. We’ll help you and the person under your care get to your appointment and back, and ensure the physical and emotional comfort of all concerned.

Our dentists are experienced surgeons, on staff at some of the leading hospitals in San Francisco, and New York City. If surgery does become necessary, we provide the same level of compassion and understanding for our patients’ physical and emotional well-being in our offices or at the hospital that we do in your home.

For patients who are especially fearful or uncomfortable during dental procedures, we are happy to offer the benefits of our expertise in Sleep Dentistry. In such cases, patients can be brought to our offices or their local hospital, where we will provide treatment while they are sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of the procedure in progress. Again, that’s good for the patient’s peace of mind, and for yours as a caregiver.

We are happy to work out convenient payment plans to help account for any expenses your insurance company does not cover.