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House Call Dentists Launches in New York City

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House Call Dentists, a provider of in-home dental care, announced its team of experienced professionals is now providing in-home dental care to patients in New York City.

According to the company, for a number of people who have difficulty receiving care in a traditional office setting due to physical, cognitive or emotional challenges, as well as those who prefer not to travel to a dentist’s office, House Call Dentists is now bringing vital dental services to private homes or residence facilities in New York City.

A profound need exists for in-home dental care in New York City. The 2005 Department of Aging reports that 77 percent of all elderly (age 60+) in the state’s 62 counties reside in the five boroughs of New York City, and that 20 percent of these 1,310,000 seniors are mobility and self-care impaired. That equates to 265,000 seniors in New York City who cannot leave their homes to shop, go to the bank, visit the dentist, and feed and clothe themselves without assistance.

“I haven’t been able to leave my apartment in a long time, and the pain in my tooth became unbearable,” said Deborah Ryals, who was recently treated by House Call Dentists at her home in Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Marcy Houses. “I looked for a long time for someone who could come to me but there was just no one out there. I finally found House Call Dentists and they came to my bed, took x-rays, diagnosed the problem and arranged next steps. They were a lifesaver and people need to know about what they do.”

A study published this year in Special Care Dentistry states that 96 percent of homebound seniors have not seen a dentist since becoming homebound, a period of typically three to six years. Further, 93 percent of those stated they would welcome a house call if possible.

House calls have shown to be less expensive and more convenient than in-office visits for special needs or elderly patients. For example, a typical scenario of taking a patient who resides in a nursing facility and requires wheelchair transport to the dental office includes $630 for travel fees alone (three hours of nurse time/consultation at $90 per hour, or $270; wheelchair van rental at $160; time for the adult child or assigned caregiver of that patient who participates in the consultation, one hour at $200 per hour).

House Call Dentists’ team of dentists and registered dental assistants provide in-home dental evaluations and treatment with portable dental equipment. In-home services include full dental exams including x-rays using mobile x-ray units, cleaning and fillings as well as a full range of aesthetic services including whitening, bonding, veneers, bridges and crowns. Based on the team’s assessment and determination of the level of care required, treatment may be delivered in the home or under sedation in their office or in the hospital.

House Call Dentists was launched by Dr. David Blende, a West Coast dentist with over 30 years of experience who along with his team has offered house call services in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past six years. Dr. Blende is joining the staff at several hospitals in Manhattan, is chief of the dental divisions at two San Francisco hospitals, California Pacific Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Hospital, and is on staff at six additional Bay Area hospitals. He has also treated his share of celebrity clients in Beverly Hills and San Francisco, including tech titans at household-name Silicon Valley companies.

Noted Dr. Blende, “House call dentistry requires skillsets that go far beyond day-to-day dental work. It is not just providing thoughtful and appropriate care, it is a calling to treat this most vulnerable population.”

Blende added, “Unfortunately, the dental industry and national healthcare have failed to provide workable options for special-needs patients and seniors given current resources. House calls to those in need are less expensive and have a much more predictable chance for a successful outcome than other options.”

The Blende Dental Group is the Home of the House Call Dentists. Focusing on special needs dentistry in San Francisco and New York, they serve both general patients and individuals with special needs, including and those with phobias or disabilities (behavioral, cognitive, medical or physical challenges).

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