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“House Call Dentists is fulfilling a major service to a segment of the population not served at all –and they are doing it with compassion, dignity and a superb level of excellence. I am eternally grateful.”
– JT, Patient

Come on over!

JT, a New Yorker in her 70’s, became bedridden and not able to see a dentist for several years. When she developed an abscess and chipped a front tooth, she grew desperate to arrange for care. Despite referrals from former dentists, no one was able to find a dentist’s office or hospital that could accommodate her. Within an hour of contacting House Call Dentists, she had an appointment with Dr. Blende and team.

We arrived in her home with an entire dental office packed into several customized luggage carts. After examination, Dr. Blende explained his proposed treatment plan, a tentative schedule and estimated cost. The verbal and written explanation was a practice JT, a former health educator, appreciated.

Dr. Blende and Dr. Nord carried out the treatment plan that included two root canals and seven crowns entirely at her bedside over three visits. JT found the follow up care to be meticulous and the result spectacular.

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