Monthly Archives: October, 2016

Fears and Phobias

Have you ever postponed or canceled a dental appointment because the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair made you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or afraid? While sitting in the waiting room, have you ever experienced rapid heartbeat, broke out into a sweat, or even felt physically sick?  You are not alone. We understand the very...

Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie is 90 years old and has dementia. Age Song’s memory care unit in San Francisco referred her to the practice. By performing a simple house call to her residence, House Call Dentists determined a treatment plan to address urgent dental-medical issues, including periodontal bone loss. Now that the work is done, she will...

Emergency Services FAQ

We offer the following emergency treatments: • Diagnosis & Treatment • Crowns, Bridges, Veneers • Extractions • Infections / Abscesses • Denture Adjustments • Root Canals • Pain Management Contact Us To contact us after hours, please call 1.800.395.1152